Cement industry

Reliable sensors for all processes: from the quarry to the storage of cement.
Acid slurries in the alkylation unit create an aggressive environment that requires robust, highly resistant level measurement
In an alkylation unit the acid settler is fed from the reactor vessel which is used to remove acid for recycling back into the reactor
Amine contactors introduce amine solutions to the incoming natural gas from the inlet separator to remove acidic components, such as H2S
During the sulfur removal process, nitrogen is converted into ammonia through a water wash process to be sold for fertilizer production.
Accurate level control of the distillation unit ensures product quality of the hydrocarbon at the different cuts, but this is made
The heavy, highly viscous process material and extreme temperature are located in the bottom part of the
The blowdown drum is designed to allow the refinery to release any process or byproduct liquids including
Precise interface monitoring in refinery separators is critical to product quality because it confirms there is complete separation
Delayed coking units are a critical step in the refining process - this is where downtime, inefficiency
Coke is often stored in very tall silos. Coke product is also susceptible to plugging the chute as the vessel
After the coke is extracted from the drums it is stored in silos or stockpiles. Reliable level measurement is an
Storage and buffer tanks enable a reliable material supply for various ongoing processes. The plant operators need
The vapour liquid separation that occurs in a knockout drum protects the waste or cooling stream from process
Throughout the different process units, there are storage vessels that collect clean, reusable condensate.
Platformers and reformers, both catalyst-based processes, require “fresh” catalyst at a given point in their cycle
At the bottom of the cooling tower there are nozzles for atomizing and cooling incoming hot water. As the heated
Level measurement of crude and bulk liquids storage tanks in a refinery is necessary for inventory management and
Accurate level control of the debutanizer ensures product quality of the obtained hydrocarbons, but this is made
Accurate level control of the deethanizer ensures product quality of the obtained hydrocarbons, but this is made