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Industrial Solutions

Sensors for the water and wastewater sector for measurement of level, point level and pressure.
supplies the complete tank measuring system for ships and yachts from a single source.
Sensors for all processes: delivery of crude oil to the storage of products.
Sensors for measurement under strict safety, sterility and accuracy requirements.
Robust, long-term stable and service-friendly instrumentation for the paper industry.
Measurement technology for reliable processing of raw materials in oil and gas production (offshore).
Robust instrumentation for all processes – reliable function despite dust, noise and high temperatures.
Sensors in compliance with the strict hygiene requirements in food production.
Robust sensors for use in the harsh operating conditions in the building materials and mining sector.
Level, switching and pressure instrumentation for all methods of energy production.
Sensors of the highest safety standards – suitable for media in the chemical industry.
Reliable sensors for all processes: from the quarry to the storage of cement.
Trendsetting measurement technology for modern environmental technology.

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OEM & Dealership Solutions

Tracking & IoT

Fleet & Logistics

Push your logisitcs to the next level with the tracking solutions covering vehicles, drivers, trailers and more.

Equipment Solutions

Track your equipment and get real-time status and utilization for both heavy machinery and operators.

Marine & Vessel Solutions

Track and monitor Marines, Vessels, and staff on remote and rugged worksites with industry-leading reliability.

Train & Railway Solutions

Solutions for tracking and utilization of Trail and Railways. Increase reliability and push preventive maintenance.

Workforce Solutions

Solutions aimed at increasing safety of your workers and giving insights on workforce utilization. In addition tools to manage workforce more efficiently.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Solutions ready made to tackle a large set of industrial pains. All the solutions are IoT based helping to push digital transformation across the industrial sector.

Specialized Services

Set of our professional services offered by our skillful team aimed at helping interprises solve their toughest Telematics and IoT challenges.

Fleet & Logistics

Fleet Management solutions will allow bus operators to maximize productivity and cut costs using analytical report tools for you to make the best decisions for your business. Real-time monitoring of your fleet with additional data and historical movements tracking features.

Marine & Vessel Solutions

The different methods of transportations all share different types of data that can be accessible through the solutions IPTech offers to Marine operators in order to allow them to make the best possible decisions for their operations and vehicles. Not only operators can monitor and track but also can get all the possible data using the latest Hardware/Software customized specifically for Marine transportations.

Specialized Services

Different types of of specialized services to help any needs for your workplace, project, managements, devices, software, and hardware. Our unique experience and level of professionalism will ensure that your business is in the right place.

Passenger Transportation Solutions

Passenger Transportation

 Fleet Management solutions will allow bus operators to maximize productivity and cut costs using analytical report tools for you to make the best decisions for your business. Real-time monitoring of your fleet with additional data and historical movements tracking features.

Operation Optimization

Transport Modeling

Using latest technologies for transport modeling to provide the best possible service to our customers

Schedule Optimization

Schedule opitmization based on engines made specifically for optimizing schedules for different purposes and needs.

Route Optimization

Optimize your routes based on criterias that can be customized and changed at anytime just for you.

Our Story

Over 20 years in providing cutting edge products and solutions

Since 2001, we thrive to bring top notch, cost effective and reliable materials, solutions, and services to our clients through our expertise and commitment.

IPTech is driven by a desire to provide a superior and cost-effective products, technologies, and solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. IPTech operates over the MENA region with partners located globally. It is very rare that a customer is out our reach. Our global partnership with leaders around the world allows us to always bring internal expertise to all of our projects.”

Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

Food processing, Chemical processing, Closed loop to open loop water cooling, Cryogenic

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Oil cooling, Preheating, Steam generation, Heat recovery, Vapor recovery system, Industrial paint systems, HVAC

Fin & Tube Heat Exchangers

HVAC coils, Refrigeration, Distillation and Refinement processes.

Thermoplastic Solutions

The Thermoplastic materials that we can provide have a wide range of applications, such as Range of pipes, Valves, Fittings, and Flanges.
In addition, the Thermoplastic materials can also be provided as;

Semi-Finished Products
Extruded sheets, Pressed sheets, Cross-ribbed thin wall sheets, Welding rods, Solid rods, Hollow rods, U-profiles, Square pipes, Tank corners, 3-D printing filaments
(depending on the specific material type)

Finished Products
Chain guides, Cable runners, Sliding rails, Guide rails
(depending on the specific material type)

Thermoplastic Valve

Thermoplastic Fitting