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Access Manway

Access Manway / CNC 171 / Access Hatch

CNC 171 / ACCESS MANWAY – is a lockable manway Cover for Bulk Storage Tanks

The CNC 171 Manway or Access Manway, also known as an access Hatch,  are secured access manholes designed to seal the tank up to 2.5 psig, with access obtained via the locking seal unlike the emergency manways which will relieve at a given pressure, this is ideal if you you require a locked / sealed manway with access for maintenance and cleaning

The access manway is secured by a transverse beam which is attached to the centre of the cover. This ensures even distribution of the holding down force to form a gas tight fitting to 2.5psig.

The access manway is supplied by IPTech to exacting quality standards and backed by over 15 years experience as suppliers. Manway sizes range from 10″ (250mm) to 26″ (650mm), non standard manway sizes are available upon request.

Access Manway is non-sparking low pressure manhole cover which provides easy access to low pressure storage tanks for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Emergency Relief Vents

Emergency Relief Manways

Pressure Only Emergency Relief Vents in carbon and stainless steel, aluminium covers also available

Pressure and Vacuum Emergency Manway

Emergency Relief Manway with vacuum, Fitted with spring loaded vacuum relief