Liquid Level Gauges

Liquid Level Gauges & Indicators

IPTech Tank Protection supply a full range of liquid level gauges. Our liquid level gauges are manufactured to the highest standards. Our full range includes float level Indicators, Mechanical float gauges, servo gauges and radar gauges

Our liquid level gauges can have indicators to provide measurement in both height and volume, Float  level Gauges can be supplied with or without transmitters.

Our high accuracy gauges and level gauges are available through our sister company IPTech Tank Gauging, who’s products include Servo and Radar Gauges

All our level gauges, liquid level indicators, float gauges and high pressure gauges are supplied to exacting quality standards and backed by over 40 years experience.

Float Guages Indicators

Mechanical float Level Indicator
IPTech Tank Low Pressure Float Level Indicator is a mechanical float operated level Indicator that gives continuous accurate measurement of liquid level. A dial wheel indicator gives a digital reading, which can be in either metric or imperial units. The mechanical float level gauge requires no power for local indication

Liquid Level Gauges

Tank Liquid Level Indicator or Float Gauge

Float operated liquid level indicator also known as float gauge

Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge ( level Indicator )

Mechanical Float Gauge for Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks

High Pressure Float Level Gauges

For Liquid Gas and Presurised Storage Tanks

Radar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge

Radar Level Transmitter a high accuracy non contact gauge suitable for custody transfer

2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge

2800i Servo Level gauge a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level gauge, suitable for custody transfer