Liquid Level Gauges

2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge

Custody Tansfer Tank Servo Level Gauge (2800i) with Water and Profiling option and inputs for Temperature Measurement

The 2800i Tank Servo Level tank gauge is a high accuracy gauge designed for use in custody transfer tank gauging applications. Our Servo Gauge exceeds the requirements of weights and measures standards for tank gauges.

Our Servo Level Gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank gauge, the servo gauge has been designed for ease of installation with minimal moving parts.

The Servo gauge is designed to measure all kinds of liquid and can be situated either in free space or stillwells. The Servo Gauge can easily be linked to our tank gauging system or to an existing tank monitoring system.

The servo gauge include the options to link the gauge to feature like temperature measurement (spot and average temperature are available) temperature profiling, full integration to management system, density measurement and much more.

2800i Servo Tank Gauge Features and benefits:

  • ±1 mm level accuracy
  • ATEX Certified intrinsically safe
  • Suitable for use with the range of modern storage tank designs
  • LCD Display Panel
  • Integrated temperature probe interface ±0.1°C
  • Integral water level and density profile detection
  • Optional Tankside Remote Display
  • 2-wire Fieldbus
  • Compatible with NT5000 Tank Gauging System and other Host Systems
  • Gauge options for fixed roof, floating roof and stillpipe applications
  • Gas tight process connection rated to 150 psi (Standard)

Liquid Level Gauges

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