Liquid Level Gauges

High Pressure Float Level Gauges

For Liquid Gas and Pressurised Storage

High Pressure Level Gauge

The MTP 2580 High Pressure Automatic Tank float Level Gauges are a mechanical, float operated instrument that gives accurate, continuous measurement of liquid gas level and is designed specifically for high pressure applications..


  • Spherical Tanks
  • Horizontal cylinders
  • Bullet tanks


  • +/-3mm level accuracy
  • Low cost, continuous measurement
  • Digital readout – metric or imperial
  • Tank base or tank-top mounting
  • Range of transmission options


  • Includes:

    • Magnetic link drive
    • Multi sphere float
    • Tape and guidewires

High Pressure Mechanical Float Gauge

Liquid Level Gauges

Tank Liquid Level Indicator or Float Gauge

Float operated liquid level indicator also known as float gauge

Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge ( level Indicator )

Mechanical Float Gauge for Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks

Radar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge

Radar Level Transmitter a high accuracy non contact gauge suitable for custody transfer

2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge

2800i Servo Level gauge a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level gauge, suitable for custody transfer