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CNC 101 Atmospheric Gauge hatch

For Free Vented Atmospheric Tanks

CNC 101 Series Gauge Hatches provide tank access where manual level gauging, temperature measurement or sampling is required.

  • Free lift design with safety foot pedal
  • Available in aluminium, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Non-sparking O-Ring seal
  • ANSI and DIN flanges
  • Sizes 4″(100mm)  to 12″ (300mm)

CNC101/CNC102 Gauge Hatch

Free Vents | Rim Vents | Gauge Hatches

Tank Free Vents

Tank Free Vents or Conservation vent prevents the build-up of internal tank pressure.

Rim Vent

Rim Vent provides low pressure relief for storage tanks, originally designed for floating roof tanks.

CNC 102 Lockable Gauge Hatch

Foot operated Lockable gauge hatches to allow easy access to liquid storage tanks for manual level measurement, Gauge hatches are available in aluminium or steel from 2" to 12"

CNC 103 Combination Gauge Hatch

Gauge Hatches combined with Pressure and Vacuum Relief CNC 103 Combination Gauge Hatches are a combined unit allowing access for manual level gauging or sampling and providing pressure & vacuum relief

Combined Free Vents & Sampling Hatch

Gauge Hatches combined with Free Vent Hatches