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Information Security

Offering a wide range of information security such as Cyber Security, Forensic, Cryptography, Access Control and many more. Our Information security services covers all aspects of the security space. We are offering services for strategy, architecture, Risk, Threats, Identity, Incident Management, and managed services.

Managed Services


As specialists in Digital Forensics, IPTech will perform analysis and examinations for forces, solicitors and commercial organizations in the event of a crime or unauthorized access to information systems


IPTecb in Cryptographic digital world offers three core areas that protect you and your data from a theft attempt or an unauthorized use of your data and possible fraud; authentication, integrity, and confidentiality.

Access Control

Access Control systems are tailored for individual customers. There are a myriad of details that can be planned and ajdusted to ensure that the system fulfills your requirements.

Server Manager

IPTech Server Manager services cover installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and DevOps. You get complete peace of mind for a predefined reasonable cost.

SAN Management

When you partner with IPTech for Managed Storage Services, you leverage our best practices and rish heritage in disaster recovery. which ensures that your business can access critical data through highly-available data storage hosting.

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