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Vehicle CCTV & Real-Time Streaming

Video & Camera Solutions features customized for your need and many more:
  • Works Across Different Equipment Types
  • Connect Up to 9 Cameras
  • Evidence Center
  • Provide GPS Location Data
  • Night Vision
  • Audio and Video
  • Stream over Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Connect to Various Sensors Types to Control and Trigger Cameras
  • Support up to 2TB Harddrives 

Driver Fatigue & Awareness

Driver Fatigue & Awarness solution provide a Software/Hardware compination customized for your needs with many features such as:
  • Can be installed on different vehicle types
  • Camera can detect:
    • Driver distraction from the road
    • Sleeping or loss of concentration
    • Looking at mobile
    • Fatigue Indicators
  • Works even if operators is wearing glasses
  • Works 24/7
  • Notify operators when fatigue is detected
  • Send Real-Time alerts to control room
  • Record of speed, equipment name, data and location
  • Integration with MDVR
  • Support SIM cards from local providers

Dash Cam Features

Cloud based web application allows many features

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