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Smart Bus Stops Screens

Offering a wide range of different types of LED & E-Ink smart bus stops screens to provide real-time service arrivals as well as additional travel information such as services schedules, maps, and timetable alternations. Offering instant GTFS, GTFS-RT and SIRI Integration in additional to custom contents such as weather, events, and tourists

Airtport Screens

Passengers now experience the high quality and rely on the smart screens to check their trip details using LED, LCD, TFT screens that will allow passengers to get informed on their trips using a customizable screens with different types of information to be displayed on.

Highway Screens

A selection of rugged LED displays that can be used for traffic and parking that can be used to manage lanes for emergency and safety and allow you to optimize traffic and routes in toll lanes. These displays can be configured and customized.

Indoor Passenger Information Screens

Smart bus internal passenger LCD displays offer next generation technology to provide information about schedules, ETA, routes, and many more features to enhance the passengers experience by getting them informed and improve efficiency of the trips

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