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Schedule Optimization

SaaS platform using advanced artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms. Used for planning and scheduling the movements of every vehicle and driver, with detailed insight into how this affects operations.
  • Quick and Accurate results
  • Strong and fast algorithms
  • Real business impact
  • Modern and Web-based
  • Robust and Scalable



Saas-Based, cloud native, no database administration, secure authentication, login from anywhere, train users remotely, online support 24/7.


Visual modification of routes on map, Google street view support, show demographic layers on map, free draw on map, multiple route creation methods.


Automatic synchronization of changes, automatic creation of tables, plan multiple routes at the same time, add ridership information per trip,


Run optimization on hundreds of vehicles, supports different vehicle types, depot assignment and capacity optimization, crew schedule simulated, relief vehicle scheduling optimization.

Electric Vehicles

Schedule optimization and adding charging events, EV-specific optimization, including charger capacity, and different types, ability to define relevant charger stations, schedule a mixed fleet, set driver attendance for charging events.

Rostering (Rotas)

Roster optimization, include all kinds of rules, support optimization across different roster groups, rotating rosters, create and optimize roster cycles, build several roster types, build rest days, user friendly interface.

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