Industrial IoT Solutions

Track and monitor equipment, vehicles, and staff on remote and rugged worksites with industry-leading reliability.

Connected IoT Solutions for Multiple Industries

Sensors for the water and wastewater sector for measurement of level, point level and pressure.
supplies the complete tank measuring system for ships and yachts from a single source.
Sensors for all processes: delivery of crude oil to the storage of products.
Sensors for measurement under strict safety, sterility and accuracy requirements.
Robust, long-term stable and service-friendly instrumentation for the paper industry.
Measurement technology for reliable processing of raw materials in oil and gas production (offshore).
Robust instrumentation for all processes – reliable function despite dust, noise and high temperatures.
Sensors in compliance with the strict hygiene requirements in food production.
Robust sensors for use in the harsh operating conditions in the building materials and mining sector.
Level, switching and pressure instrumentation for all methods of energy production.
Sensors of the highest safety standards – suitable for media in the chemical industry.
Reliable sensors for all processes: from the quarry to the storage of cement.
Trendsetting measurement technology for modern environmental technology.

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