Liquid Level Gauges

Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge ( level Indicator )

Float Operated Level Gauge for Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks

The IPTech Tank CNC 2570 Series Low Pressure Automatic Tank Float Gauge is a mechanical float and Tape operated level gauge that gives an accurate, continuous indicator of liquid level. A dial wheel indicator gives a digital reading, which can be in either metric or imperial units. The mechanical float gauge requires no power for local indication.

The CNC 2570 Float Operated Level Gauge series has a sensitivity of 1mm and an accuracy of +/- 3mm throughout the measurement range.

The Mechanical Float Operated Level Gauge is acceptable for weights & measures purposes and conforms to the Institute of Petroleum Measurement Manual Code of Practice.


  •  +/-3mm level accuracy
  • Requires no power
  • Can be linked to transmitter
      • Low cost, continuous measurement
      • Models to suit the majority of modern atmospheric storage tank designs
      • Digital readout – metric or imperial
      • Tank base or tank-top mounting
      • Range of transmission options


Float Operated Level Gauge for Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks

The standard float gauge kit comprises:

  • Gauge Head
  • Float
  • Measuring Tape
  • Bottom Anchor Bracket
  • Float Guide wires
  • Sheave Elbows
  • Top Anchors
  • Coupling
  • Pipe Support Brackets
  • Pipework

The CNC 2570 series of float gauges include :

  • Fixed Roof float gauge (CNC2570)
  • Floating Roof Tank float gauge, Well Version (CNC2571)
  • Floating Roof Tanks float gauge without Well Version (CNC2572)
  • Top Mounting on Fixed Roof Tank float gauge (CNC2573)
  • Fixed Roof Tanks with Oil Seal (CNC2574)
  • Sealed Gauge Unit (CNC2579)


The range of Float gauge applications includes:

  1. Mechanical Float Gauge
  2. Water Float Gauge
  3. Oil Float Gauge

Mechanical Float level Gauge | level Indicator

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