Liquid Level Gauges

Tank Liquid Level Indicator or Float Gauge

Float operated liquid level indicator also known as float gauge

Tank Liquid Level Indicator For Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks 

The CNC 670 Series of Liquid Level Indicator (cat and mouse gauge) are a range of simple mechanical float operated units giving a clear visual indication of tank contents.  

The liquid level indicator will give a continuos reading of the tank contents.  

The standard CNC 670 or Liquid level indicator is suitable for atmospheric tanks, low pressure tanks, or where necessary, to limit the emission of vapours, an optional “oil seal unit” can be added, which will withstand pressures up to 8.5 wg (21.2mbar).


  • Adaptable for floating roof or floating deck tanks
  • Recommended for virtually any liquid
  • Suitable for both metal and non-metal tanks
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Measurments available in imperial, metric and gallons, or other measurements if desired
  • Low cost maintenance

MTP CNC 670 Liquid Level Indicator is supplied with a fixing kit that includes all necessary pipework, fittings and brackets for the installation as well as full instructions. An illustration of the full liquid level indicators kit is shown below:


  • Guide Wire Anchor Weight
  • Oil Seal Unit Level Indicator
  • Floating Roof Level Indicator
  • Floating Deck Level Indicator
  • Non-Metal Tank Level Indicator
  • High and Low Level Switches
  • Level Transmitter
  • Level to level measurement
  • Volumetric graduations
  • Metric or Imperial Graduations

IPTech supplies their Liquid level indicator to the highest standards and can be provided with many different options as shown above. IPTech Tank Protection are one of the leading companies who supply liquid level indicators and have proved this with over 15 years, we supply all are Liquid level indicators on site.

Float Operated Liquid level Indicator

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